Distributors & Installers

Welcome Distributors and Installers to Stratus Auto Equipment!

We are inviting distributors and installers to register. Join us, establish your experience, trust, and authority in the industry. Expanding your business presence is all about strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaborations. That's why we at Stratus Auto Equipment are inviting distributors and installers to register with us. If you're a distributor or installer looking for growth opportunities, this is your chance! Join our growing network and get a front-row seat to new and exciting opportunities. But why should you join us? Allow us to enlighten you.

Benefits of Registering with Us

As a registered distributor or installer, you will experience some marked advantages. It's not only about getting access to our network but also about advancing your own business and reputation. Here's what you stand to gain:

  • Wider Reach: As part of our network, your services can reach a larger demographic of potential clients.
  • Reliable Supply: As a registered distributor, you'll have consistent and early access to our products.
  • Expertise Recognition: Your knowledge and skills as an installer will be recognized, enhancing your business profile.
  • Trust: Joining our network boosts your credibility, establishing a level of trust with your clients.
  • Professional Growth: Aligning with our brand can contribute to your professional growth and development.

So, do these benefits tempt you? Are you pondering, "How do I get on board?"

The registration process couldn't be simpler! Click the Form your interested in below. Once you’ve completed the information will be forwarded to us! We will be in contact with you shortly after!