Clear Floor Lifts

These manual release 2 post clear-floor car lifts are heavy-duty lifting devices designed to elevate vehicles for parking or maintenance purposes. The lift features two vertical posts that are securely anchored to the ground, providing stability and support. Unlike a floor-plate car lift, a clear-floor car lift does not have steel plates on the ground, which allows for unobstructed access underneath the vehicle. This design is especially beneficial for tasks such as oil changes, inspections, and repairs that require access to the vehicle's underside. With a manual release mechanism, the operator can control the lift's lowering functions manually. Safety features are safety locks on each post, mechanical stops to ensure the vehicle remains securely elevated during use, and limiter switches that stop the lift from raising up past a certain point on the lift. Additionally, the lift has adjustable height settings to accommodate different vehicle sizes. Browse our clear floor lifts for sale below.

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