Our Story

From Founder
After I graduated college and got my degree in international economy and trade, I’ve dreamed of starting my own business someday. As a woman with a passion for business, my journey on achieving my dream has been rough, but I am so grateful for my success now. I’m grateful for everyone who gave me support during my struggling times. I’m grateful for all my customers who supported me in my growth. Lastly, I’m grateful for my family’s genuine support throughout my entire journey. 

Besides my little backstory, I started Stratus Auto Equipment after attending racing events and seeing racers maintaining their vehicles. I noticed how some hobbyists couldn’t afford car lifts or tire machines to maintain their toys, so I began developing plans to make automotive machines with good quality yet being affordable. With my engineering and international business background, I helped design and assemble car lifts with my manufacturer, and I finally launched my business in Austin, Texas. The philosophy of Stratus Auto Equipment is to provide the best care and warranty to customers while making sure our lifts have the best quality that is affordable to everyone. 

After a few years of running my business in Austin, I relocated to College Station, Texas, and built my warehouse facility here. I plan on opening more locations nationwide. The story of me and my brand continues from here…