Our Story

From Founder

I started Stratus Auto Equipment after attending racing events and seeing racers maintaining their vehicles. I noticed how some hobbyists couldn’t afford car lifts or tire machines to maintain their toys. While utilizing my degree in International Economy and Trade, as well as my passion for creating my own business, I helped design and assemble car lifts with my manufacturer. With the support of my family and friends, I was able to launch my own company in Austin, Texas. The philosophy of Stratus Auto Equipment is to provide the best quality lifts and accessories for an affordable price, while also providing the best customer service and warranty. After a few years of success in Austin, I relocated to College Station and built my warehouse facility. Over the next few years, I plan on opening more locations nationwide and provide excellent equipment and service to all customers, all over the world. Since you put so much love and dedication into your business or projects, I would like to offer you the same level of care for the equipment you use.