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At Stratus we offer top-quality oil drains, nitrogen inflators, and versatile tool carts, all designed to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency in your workshop. Effortlessly handle oil changes with our pneumatic oil drain extractor, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process. The nitrogen inflators offer precise tire inflation, maximizing safety and performance, while also saving time with their quick and accurate inflation capabilities. To keep your workspace organized and tools within easy reach, our sturdy tool carts are here to assist. With thoughtfully designed compartments and a robust build, these carts are the perfect companions for mechanics and technicians seeking optimal organization and mobility.

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    Stratus Transmission Jack SAE-TJ2200 Stratus Transmission Jack SAE-TJ2200

    Stratus Transmission Jack SAE-TJ2200


    Introducing the power and precision of the Stratus Auto Equipment Transmission Jack - a reliable partner for any vehicle repair works. Engineered to lift up to 2200 lbs, it's designed to handle heavy-duty transmissions with ease. With its user-friendly...